Lessons From My Year of Receiving


Lessons From My Year of Receiving

Three years can fly by unless you are being broken! Then it can seem like a Lifetime movie with all of the bad actors and too many commercials. At least that is what those last few years felt like for me. I became a professional at doer, giver and be-er for what everyone else needed. Truthfully if I had my S.A.G. card I would have gotten a few awards for this performance. In my fictitious realm of reality, I was good at performing and blurred so many lines to masked what I wanted, and desperately needed. It was easier to make the celebration of love my business rather than celebrate love in my life. This isn’t one of those “woe is me blogs” but more of a sharing of shit that I learned from my year of receiving.

It was somewhere in December 2014 that I sat knee deep in tears, fears and prayer, asking why me, when me and then I said “I want to know what it feels like to receive the love that I give” Cue theatrical music but wait there were no theatrics at all, just me getting up, cleaning my face and returning to the business of doing, giving and being as usual.

Slowly but surely my world was shattering, breaking, colliding, crashing hell you pick a word and insert it here ________. When I tell you that ALL hell began breaking lose in my life and there was nothing that I could do about it. Finances broken, budget broken, five-day notices broken, cancel Christmas broken, heart-broken, spirit broken, cup empty broken, nothing left to give broken. For those that I’m friends with on social media who read my posts and thought that I was pouring into them, the majority of those post were for me! I desperately needed to encourage me because after all, who does the encourager go to when they need encouraging? My friends were right there the entire time that I was struggling trying to make ends meet, save face, look good for the gram etc. While each day I cracked a little bit, taking my share of ‘L’s”, loving and losing, lost ships, ambition even drive until there was nothing left. But how many of you know that every loss is not a loss?


Lesson Learned: Sometimes we can’t move forward in our assigned direction with people, places and things that we’re trying to drag with us. Some things must be altered, lost, let go of, dismissed and or detached before we can see who we are truly destined to be.

With nothing left but me, my empty cup and I, WE collectively decided to say no to anything that didn’t serve, pour into, feed or fuel us in some way. This lesson came with a tagline SELFish! It was a moment where it became less about others and more about me. Unheard of, right? Because I’m a giver it was difficult for me to think about what I wanted and or needed. I was the girl that ALWAYS found a way or made one. I was the one who had it all twogether until I could no longer keep it twogether.

I needed this, the breaking that was occurring in my life demanded this. The people who showed up in my life to refill my cup were amazing. Friends, family, people that I didn’t even know that I somehow poured into showed up and really showed out. It was truly the year of the most unexpected random, on time, calculated, supportive, loving WOW moments of LOVE, encouraging words, texts, face to face, and instant messages of how my words have inspired or encouraged them. It was blank checks, people showing up, paying parking tickets, random drive by’s, wine downs, well-being check-ups and deposits poured into this empty cup. This time in my life showed me what receiving was all about.

LESSON LEARNED: You will never fully understand the power of giving LOVE until you become vulnerable enough to receive it!

My let go was December of 2017, I was standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine, deep in thought when life was moving in picturesque lightning speed. I told myself “I believe that love silently commands your absolute best. It gives and gives even when there is nothing left. Without question love is stronger than pride. I’m guilty of missing that memo and for a moment I too was deficient, empty and starving inside. In that moment I realized that I am absolutely worth it! NO, I won’t settle, I won’t pretend, nope, not even a little bit. I will no longer hide all that I am. This is not about a new year, new me. It was the beginning of my acceptance that yes, it’s a new year and you’re going to get all of me! The sometimes silly, yes, I think I’m funny, but you can bet your sweet ass when it comes to Making Love Better TwoGether I am a beast, and the I am not my hair but still adjusting, me. The I am, I need, I Give and I receive and yes, I want love and to be loved, me!

Not even a week later I get a text. It read “Happy early Merry Christmas” It was from this dude that I met through a mutual friend last year that was cool as hell. WE vibed and he fed me fried pickles. (I had never had them before) I had heard of my best friend’s, best friend but we had never met. Almost a year later I get this random text. We’ve been dating since. He had to have the talk with his best friend before I would tell my best friends about this guy that I’m dating.

This experience has been everything that I knew that love could be but didn’t think that I would fully experience again. It’s easy, raw, honest, effortless and even random conversations. It’s me letting go, trusting because he’s shown me that I can. He sees me, flaws, insecurities, vulnerabilities, bad ass, black woman magic and all. It is refreshing and feels all kinds of good. It made me question what in the hell had I been doing before this. My answer was preparing for this. About five years ago, I prayed for this (To know what it felt like to receive the love that I give) What I didn’t know was that God had to break me, tear down a few walls and bring me to a place where all I could do was receive which then opened the door for me to appreciate this man who’s just good! Good to me, good for me, good with me and good because of me. LESSON LEARNED Sometimes the very thing that you asked God for requires him to move, break, strip you from in order to prepare you for the very thing that you asked for. He has to make sure that you as well as the people, places and things are also ready! This was probably some of the hardest work that I’ve done on myself but it has been worth it!

These are just a few of my lessons learned in my year of receiving.


  1. Everyone doesn’t deserve your magic. But don’t let that stop you from being magical!
  2. LOVE doesn’t ask for perfection, LOVE just asks that we show up, give love, be open to love, be present in the love, make an effort to match our mates effort in love and be consistent in giving love, because somewhere in between the love, with the love and for the love we learn to love by fearing less and loving more.
  3. You absolutely deserve someone who’s all in.
  4. We have to stop bending over backwards, giving, doing and being for those that won’t even bend a finger, give, do or be for us.
  5. Me fully loving others has everything to do with me loving me completely.
  6. If you want be loved like you’ve never been hurt, you have to be willing to love like you’ve never been hurt.
  7. Create space for the things that you say that you want! Dream job, Love, Partner, Passion, Purpose, etc. It can’t find you if there’s no room to find you!

What lessons have you learned about you this past year?
Please share or leave a comment.


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Sweet Intimacy with Intimate Earth


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Intimate Earth OP Glide.jpg

I first saw this product on an episode of #Insecure so I immediately went to their site. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the packaging. It was all kinds of Making Love Better TwoGether. Next I stalked their Instagram page, connected with them and then had the opportunity to review a few new products from the Intimate Earth’s collection of arousal serums, glides and massage oils.

Our relationship and intimacy expert Yanni Brown had the pleasure of sampling the “Oral pleasure glide” which comes in three delectable flavors, Wild Cherries, Salted Caramel and Fresh Strawberries. The oils are formulated with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients. The pleasure was truly mine to sample all three flavors. Beginning first with fresh strawberries – This lightly scented delicate treat is taste worthy of spoiling your mate on date night. Next up we sampled Wild Cherries– The light and fruity yummy goodness that is highly addictive if you like the taste of mouth-watering cherries, you will love this with ice. Last but not least and after all of the tasting is my tasty favorite, Salted Caramel , This oral pleasure glide taste and smell like dessert, the only thing missing is the actual dessert! I can see why this is one of Intimate Earth’s favorite in the collection.

Be sure to grab the collection and see which is your favorite! Intimate Earth has a collections of award winning modern apothecary products. This new elegant line includes a wide range of healthy products the Making Love Better TwoGether clients will surely love. They have unique formulations of organic extracts and soothing aloe and the also offer products that are 100% vegan, never tested on animals. and they are condom friendly.

Making Love Better TwoGether suggest that you absolutely indulge your senses with Intimate Earth! You won’t regret it and neither will your mate!

Yanni Brown



The Truth About “Help I Need Love” Is About To Be Revealed


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The Truth is, WE all want to be loved!

I’m talking real, extraordinary, spontaneous Love is something that we all want, but not all of us know how to give it, receive and truth be told few are willing to do the work to get it and keep it. Those that are Making Love Better TwoGether, we become excited, even celebrating with them with the honorary hashtag #RelationshipGoals.  That’s why as a relationship expert I am super pleased to share the upcoming TV Show by Paul C. Brunson called “Help! I Need Love.” It’s time for us to see positive images of real women and men who are making love better twogether, taking care of their families, pursuing their passions, chasing their dreams, but sometimes sacrificing real romantic love. “Help I Need Love” will feature single moms in a refreshing way that we’ve never seen them portrayed before.

Please join us by tuning in Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 9 PM CST on ABC.  and watch with us Master Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson helps them and single moms, single women all over, overcome the obstacles that we as women sometimes have standing in our way to get the love they deserve. Paul followed 3 women for almost a year to see them through to the transformation they desired. Did they make it? You will have to tune in to find out Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 9 PM CST on ABC.

As a single mom who happens to be a relationship expert, I’m happy that Paul’s show focuses on single mothers – as the happiness and well-being of single mothers are topics that seem to be often forgotten or pushed very high up on the shelf of priorities this is a great step in bringing a very real topic to real life.  Making Love Better TwoGether is proud to promote a TV show that provides single mothers with an opportunity to be transparent in a way that allows them to experience real, authentic love.

Share this post with your family, friends and anyone you know who’s a single mother! Use the hashtag #INeedLove, #Spreadlove #Sharelove #MakingLoveBetterTwoGether

A Couples Guide to Healthy Communication


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This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of sitting on a panel with some amazing people. There I was among greatness! Brad Sanders,  a comedian, actor and writer, best known for “It’s Your World”. He is also the co-founder of Be Good to Women Day/The Be Good to Women Collective. We also Dr. Tamara Denton, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. We also shared the platform with Pepper Miller, Research, Author, Thought Leader and Black American subject matter Expert. Last but certainly not least a fresh perspective from Dometi Pongo, News Director and Morning Anchor, Writer and Producer for WVON 1690AM.

In a time where negative behavior is rewarded, reality tv is becoming some of our realities and people are looking for love, often in all of the wrong places Brad brought us twogether for an intimate discussion on “Are You Hearing Me? Am I Hearing You? The Art of Healthy Communication.

What we enjoyed most about this discussion, was an engaging adult co-ed conversation with audience participation. There were some tweetable moments, high five moments as well as a few aha moments.

Here are just some of the takeaways from our panel discussion “Are You Hearing Me? Am I Hearing You seminar at The Black Women’s Expo

1. Don’t accept unacceptable behavior.

2. Your words and actions must align.

3. You enter a relationship as a whole complete person, your mate should compliment you (and vice versa)

4. Loving your self has everything to do with how you’ll love someone else.

5. Be present and empathetic in your communication

6. Love is about peeling back the layers over time, protecting those layers and being able to have open and honest communication about those layers.

7. Don’t just be transparent with your mate, be introspective. That means look in to someone and see them as they are not through them.

We hope that these takeaways will benefit you and your relationship/marriage in some way.

Yanni Brown

Steak and BJ Tonight?


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Steak and BJ Day Making Love Better TwoGether Style… by Yanni Brown 

Today is Steak and BJ Day. As a Relationship Expert I would not be doing my job well if I didn’t provide my wonderful readers a recipe, twist and a few tips on how to fully enjoy and partake in this meaty holiday.

Let’s start with a little history. From my research, I discovered that Steak and BJ Day is a holiday celebrated one month after Valentine’s Day. It was founded because Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday for women so why not have an equivalent holiday for men. The idea, I mean holiday; like most men is simple. No cards, candy, flowers or any of that over priced hoopla. All that’s required is a steak and a BJ but not necessarily in that order, and to my understanding, not necessarily only once that day. Now that’s a lot of meat…

Making Love Better TwoGether would love to throw in a recipe, and some twists & tips to make this man made holiday go as smoothly as possible.

Recipe~ Try a Sesame, Ginger and Garlic Steak Marinade. This marinade tenderizes your steak, making it succulently delicious. 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon of toasted sesame oil, ½ cup of soy sauce, ¼ cup of rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and 1 teaspoon of black pepper. This should be enough for at least 4 steaks. Refrigerate marinade & steaks in a Ziploc bag overnight and then cook them how he likes them… (Grilled, Pan Seared, Broiled) Serve it with creamy mashed potatoes and broccoli with red peppers drizzled with a sesame salad dressing.

Twist~ Send him on an errand or two. Give him specific instructions on what time to return home. Upon his return, the D.I.Y. set up should look similar to this… Scented candles, background music (Preferably sensual & sexy music) his favorite chair or yours, Satin ties discreetly tucked away for dessert, you in just an apron, a pair of boy shorts, stilettos and make sure that your lipstick or lipgloss is poppin’.

Tip~ Blindfold will take away the sense of site but will heighten all of the others. The satin ties that were discreetly tucked away will restrain his hands giving you full access and control. The ginger will keep things going longer. You can add freshly cut Pineapple and gently rub it up and down the shaft of the penis. It will increase the sensation of the BJ and things will tingle. You can also include warming oil. The more you blows the warmer the oil gets. Another tasty treat is a bit of honey. Drizzle it on and slowly lick it off.

Ladies your men are visual and while like V-Day it is a made up holiday, why not make it a great date with steak! These are just some of the wonderful ways to celebrate this weekend’s Steak and BJ Day!

These tips are brought to you by Relationship Expert, Yanni Brown of Making Love Better TwoGether. We are committed to helping you discover the power of love. Whether you are learning to love yourself, becoming open to loving others or have a mate and is interested in the power of making love better twogether.

Love Jones, 20 Years Later by Yanni Brown


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Love Lessons Learned from Darius Lovehall & Nina Mosely 20 Years Later…

Relationship Expert Yanni Brown says There’s something about the classic movie “Love Jones” that I along with so many others simply cannot resist. Yes I have my own copy and the soundtrack, but it is without fail that whenever it’s on television, I break out the popcorn and my notebook. Let’s just say that I have a serious “Jones” for this movie.

I can watch it again and again learning something each time this amazing love story unfold. It is indeed a love story because it encompasses what many relationships endure. It involves poetry, confusion, chaos, unmet expectations, undiscussed expectations, miscommunication, non-communication, assumption, spontaneity, love making, love undefined, redefined, love lost only to discover that it never left.

They experienced what many couples face, they just didn’t know how to love out loud twogether.

ROMANCE… truly is about the possibility of the thing. From the first time you meet, until the time you say I Do. When people say that romance is dead… The reality is that they’ve exhausted the possibilities~ Darius Lovehall

A classic even 20 years later, with so many teachable moments that are still relevant today.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned:

Lesson #1

Define your ship! (Relationship/Relations/Ships Passing). Don’t assume that you have more or less than what you do, because it can and will cause problems down the line. A conversation about what is is necessary because what is left unsaid is often misunderstood.


Effective Communication is the key to a successful relationship. You want to make sure that you are on the same page or have a clear understanding of what you are doing or not doing.


Your Relationship is and should be about MORE THAN JUST a PHYSICAL one. If your relationship is going to last, then it must be something more than sex. Ask yourself “What do you have besides it?”


Your Relationship will encounter conflict. It cannot be resolved by not communicating. In relationships you have to talk it out and work it out. Discuss the issues at hand be willing to listen as well as offer possible resolutions. A closed mouth will not get fed!


In relationships you are going to make mistakes. The bigger question becomes, are you Committed to the commitment? Are you willing to grow through and from those mistakes to become better twogether?

Lesson #6

Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that this is the person that you can’t live without. Life is too short and if you are lucky you may get one or two people in your life you will love for the rest of your life.

There were so many lessons to be learned from their relationship in this movie. From listening to that  single girlfriend who’s offering bad advice to being afraid to tell your friends how you really feel about your significant other to not feeling free enough in your ship to discuss what you want, how you want it or how you feel. The truth of relationships is this…love is what you make it!

All relationships take work, it’s giving and taking while simultaneously giving and taking. In them you have to be willing to work through the hard parts, the difficult stuff, the very thing that makes love worth fighting for. If you ask anyone that’s been married for a number of years most will tell you that it is some of the hardest work that they will do but it’s also worth it!

All of these people running around here jumping, skipping, falling in love…falling in love isn’t difficult. Somebody talk to me, please, about how to stay there

I believe that this is why I love what I do! I enjoy speaking with couples on how to stay there.

Yanni Brown • Author • Relationship Expert

K.I.S.S. It Better TwoGether


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/kis/ verb: touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting.

How often do you kiss in your relationship/marriage? Did you know that kissing is an important part of Making Love Better TwoGether? It’s one of the many ways to express passion, desire and intimacy, yet as your relationship goes on, kissing often dwindles. Relationship Educator Yanni Brown shares the 6 reasons why kissing is necessary and how couples can K.I.S.S. it better twogether.

Kissing is important in a relationship is because it helps to bind the physical attraction to one another. It can be a beautiful expression of emotions while  also improving the intimacy in the love that you share.

Stimulate Your Connection
Kissing stimulates your connection to one another. It allows you to connect as one in an intimate way.

Share Your Love
There are many ways to express love to your mate and kissing passionately is definitely one of them. Passionate kissing can often show your mate the depth of your desires and opens doors to physical touch. ie: Holding hands, cuddling, shoulder rubs, etc.

Kissing Strengthens TwoGetherness
When you kiss your mate, there is a form of emotional closeness which connects you in your relationship. You tend to become closer twogether.

Foreplay In a KISS
Kissing is an excellent form of foreplay. It’s an opportunity to make love to your mate with face. Soft gentle kisses, slow and wet kisses, kisses that tease, kisses that tempt and kisses that leave you wanting more.

KISS the Stress Away
Stress is all around us. One of the reasons kissing is important, like Calgon (Calgon take me away) it takes the stress away. On any given day, holding your mate in your arms, kissing them gently and passionately can sure take the stress away.

KISS It Better
If you and your mate had a disagreement or an argument, there’s always an opportunity to make up with a kiss. A passionate, heartfelt, apologetic kiss can save your relationship.

Who’s ready to K.I.S.S. in the new year? Yanni Brown of Making Love Better TwoGether is hosting a FREE Webinar for COUPLES on how to Keep It Simple and Spicy in the new year. Sign up today at info@yannibrown.com enter K.I.S.S. in the subject line and you will receive a confirmation with the link to attend.


Who’s Gonna Love You Better?

Making Love Better Begins Within is the basis for accepting anything good in your life. Learning to love you is the most important piece of an inner work that you’ll ever do. Who can love you better than you?

It is difficult to ask someone else to love you when you don’t fully love yourself. And it’s even harder to pour love from a broken, empty, half filled or unfulfilled heart. We are taught early on (Some of us) to take care of everyone else and their needs. We easily become everything that everyone else needs us to be and can lose ourselves in the process.

After writing Making Love Better Begins Within and sharing my story, I began to understand that LOVING ME, BEING OPEN TO LOVING OTHERS AND MAKING LOVE BETTER TWOGETHER is in fact a journey that sometimes require multiple trips.
Here are 5 things that anyone that is on this amazing journey can do for themselves. Grab a journal, notebook or some post its.
  1. Make a list of the ten things you like about yourself. Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend or a lover.
  2. Take Time for YOU! Try wrapping your arms around yourself (in private) and tell yourself out loud “I love you.” Write yourself a love letter or leave yourself love notes. Treat YOU as special as you want to be treated.
  3. Honor You, Flaws and all. LOVE you and all of your imperfect perfections. If there is something that you are not comfortable with…then DO something proactive about it. You don’t need anyone’s permission.
  4. Forgive You! Your past is a reflection of who you are on your way to becoming. If we allow it, the past can teachus some things about ourselves. Unpack the past, forgive who needs forgiveness even of that someone is you. Let go of ALL that does not serve you on your new journey.
  5. Date You. YES, Take YOU to all of the places that you’ve ever wanted to go to. Buy yourself a gift, wrap it up and put it away for a month and then “surprise yourself” with it. Sounds crazy, but how you treat you determines how you will allow others to treat you too.

Who can love you better?

You may already be in a relationship,  ready for a relationship or a relationship can be ending. Wherever you find yourself, Loving you puts you in a place where you can more easily express love to another, as well as opening yourself up fully to receive love.
When you truly love you, IT SHOWS in everything that you do. You will feel independently free to live again, breathe again, love again, simply because you can. Why? Because you are living life and loving self while simply acknowledging your worth and your wealth.
By: Yolanda “Yanni” Brown
Author • Relationship Educator • Speaker

The Miracle of Breaking

TheBreakingBlogI wrote about this a few years ago and I still believe that everyone comes to a place in their lives of breaking! A place where they question themselves, who they are, who they want to become even who they think that they should be. It could just be me, questioning everything about ME. It could just be me who wonders if I am doing and being what was planned for me to do and be. If I can be naked, completely transparent for a moment, share my raw emotions, these last years have been challenging as hell to say the least. A break up, breakdown, soft tissue break and then there was the self diagnosed reality check, that my plans didn’t go as planned. So my creative flow was interrupted, I became stagnant, frustrated even angry as I scramble to try and figure things out. In the middle of chaos, confusion, stress, tension and uncertainty I had to find the very thing to cling to create my joy, my peace, my strength and even MY clarity. I realize that I NEEDED a moment.

I just need to take a moment to have a moment, because the moment is right here staring me in the face. While my outside world is beautiful, within my four walls however at one point became a very dark place. I admit to it all, I was guilty to all of Yep, there was a time I couldn’t keep it together even if I wanted. I was slipping fast with every little bit. I would’ve cried but the SHIFT had a very tight grip, only letting out a tear drop here or a tear drop there but oh did SHIFT give me a quiver in my lip.

I remember asking myself, How did I get here? Had I asked for IT was because of my dreams of Passionately pursuing LOVE of all things Who told me that I was cupid, being single and all? God called my number so I had to answer the call. So here I am OPEN, yet once again on the brink of something amazing, if I could just hang in. SHIFT had a hold on me…It was an uncomfortable place, sometimes we are forced to STOP and be still to absorb the bitter taste, You can find yourself in IT and it’s as thick as it’s ever been but you have to hold on to FAITH because sometimes that’s all we have within SHIFT usually happens without permission, understand it, be present in it! Be humble during this transition of submission.                                                                        

The miracle of breaking is this… Sometimes we have to surrender to this place of what we think is BREAKING with the understanding that it’s not really about us at all and if we let it… IF WE truly allow the Breaking to occur we will find at the very bottom of our breaking that we are in fact BECOMING!

A’Darah had the amazing idea to create The Breaking Conference and I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing event and we will hope that you will join us. If you haven’t purchased your ticket please do so. You won’t regret it, not one bit!

Yanni Brown a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship & Intimacy Educator and if you asked “What’s Love Got to Do With It” she would answer without hesitation “Absolutely Everything.”



I Dare You to Water Your Own Grass!


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Grassisgreener yanni brownWe’ve heard the expression the grass is greener on the other side but I overheard the most amazing conversation between my mom and her girlfriends. They were engaged in an intriguing even heated discussion about said grass and I had to eves drop because it was juicy and I couldn’t wait share my nosiness with you, so I pulled up my chair and got an earful.

The conversation went a lil something like this “It seems like now a days people are falling in love with the idea of love” Not knowing that falling in love is the easy part. BEING in love, STAYING in love is the work. One woman said, “Don’t get me wrong, the work is well worth it with the right partner, but couples today are out just as quickly as they got in. As soon as trouble comes, to the other side of the fence they go!”

Then they all rattled off the number of years that they’ve been married. The range was from 18 years to 45 years. I thought, wow that is a long time to be with one person. One of the ladies must have read the expression on my face because she quickly said. “Baby, not all of these have been easy, but worth every year” and the grass discussion ensued.

Grass doesn’t get green on its own it takes lots of work. You have to cultivate it, condition it, mow it, prune it, fertilize it, feed it, water it, get it ready for winter, get it ready for the spring and sometimes even talk to it. Weeds will pop up at anytime and anywhere so you have to have a watchful eye to keep your lawn free of those pesky weeds. The weeds are stubborn too and if not handled expeditiously they can and will take over your entire lawn. So weeds need to be nipped in the bud on site!

What does this have to do with relationships and marriage? Sometimes we think that another relationship is better because it looks like it is. The reality is ALL relationships take work and the time and energy you may spend pursuing another relationship is time that can be spent cultivating the one that you have. If you ask any couple that’s been twogether for any length of time and has weathered a storm or two, they will quickly tell you that the other grass needs upkeep too! Let us not be so quick to tend to someone else’s grass because their grass have weeds and a lil manure too.

Unfortunately most aren’t willing to put in the work it takes to cultivate their own lawns. Truth is the grass you mow, take care of and put in the work with can be just as pretty and green as the grass on the other side. It certainly helps when  couples DO the work twogether. Remember the things that you did when you initially began primping your lawn. It’s important to do those same things and if needed be prepared to add a flower bed to spice things up and add a pop of color! Having a beautiful lawn requires some planning, preparation, work and you may have to get on your knees and get your hands dirty but believe me, if you put in the work you will realize that your green acres is the place to be!

Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked “What’s Love Got to Do With It” I’d answer without hesitation “Absolutely Everything.”

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